26 Nov





Stop Worrying about The “Doing” and Just “BE”

23 Nov

Hello all.

Just “BE”cause…

Many people continually ask me “what I do.” Questions arise such as, “How do you live a life of abundance, how do you do what you do and make a living?” They are so focused on what “I do,” that they are forgeting the lesson.

It’s not what I do. It’ s who I am. This is a concept many people are struggling with. I don’t “do” anything. I just be. When I just be me, the actions flow out of me naturally.

When you begin to understand this within yourself, you will understand why I just have to be myself when I type on here and everything else just takes care of itself. This state of allowing good to flow into my life, is a result of not much logical thinking, it’s a result of just being what I know.


Just relax and be you. I think the confusion comes in for many people with this subject because of the conflict they experience in expectations. This expectation of themselves comes from society’s expectation and or a perceived higher “authority” figures expectation. I urge people to not conform to what society or an “authority” wants from them. I only urge this route if in fact, that what society and what your perceived “authority” demands from you, is NOT in alignment with who you really are. Simply want what you want for you simply because it feels good for you. This feeling alone acts as an energy that will get you outside of the box of trying to “do” and into “being.”

I intend to serve as an example of how to be, not what necessarily what to do.


Embrace Uncertainty

23 Nov

Hello all.

It’s time to embrace uncertainty. There are many people that I understand are at crossroads in their life. I feel that many of you reading this may be at a place where you are choosing between hanging onto old fear based realites or letting that all of it go and embracing uncertainty.

I urge you to look at uncertainty as a good thing. The ability to embrace uncertainty and know that you are still being guided, brings more confidence and assurance to move forward.

When you choose to embrace uncertainty it may be very scary at first. Knowing how everything will turn out is something you may have gotten quite comfortable with and accustomed to. However, getting too comfortable may also mean there is no room for growth. Growth is about finding out more about who you are. As you begin to grow, you will see yourself faced with choices. Some of these choices, may require you to take a path that isn’t always gauranteed, but may be the best way for you to grow.

But how do you know if it is right for you? Listen to your intuition. Your intuition will always guide you to your higher path.

Embracing uncertainty allows you to develop this intuition. Hanging onto old outdated belief systems that no longer serve you, may not always be the right choice for you, even if that feels more comfortable.

Instead take the risk. The risk of being who you really are. This freedom is real, and it’s within you and always has been. Trust more in your ability to be at peace with not knowing what is going to happen next. This opens opportunities for you, that you never thought existed. Embracing uncertainty allows you to be more responsible for you. In this new found wisdom you will find your truth.

It takes a lot of courage to find your true path, but the journey is well worth it. Embracing uncertainty helps you develop this courage.



When You Want Something, First Give That Something Away

20 Nov

Hello all.

The real secret to getting something you need, is by first giving it away. If you are missing love in your life, give love away for free, if you have very little money, give whatever you have away. If you want more happiness, make it your aim first to bring happiness to someone else. If you want peace, send others peace. The list goes on. This goes to the simple universal laws of creation. As you sow so shall you reap. You can’t have more of something unless you are ready to give it away first. By giving it away first, you prove to the universe that you really have it, therefore receiving more of what you want.


My 2nd Blogtalkradio Interview-Speaking About My Book Beyond Success-Baker Style

19 Nov

Hello all.

I had the really amazing privilege  for  being on Escape the Matrix Radio Show for a second time. This time I go into some details from my personal development book entitled Beyond Success-Baker Style.  I hope you guys enjoy this interview.

Below is the link to the 2nd Interview I did on Escape the Matrix Radio Show:




Enjoy !!!


How Your Life is REALLY Measured

18 Nov

Hello all.

Our lives are measured not by what we do, but who we are. What you do on a daily basis is a by product of who you already are. If you don’t like what you are doing everyday, you always have the freewill and choice to change that.  Who you are comes way before what you do, because who you are is your essence and is where your truth lives.

You can do a lot of work, and do all sorts of things, but these things don’t really define who you are.  It was once stated that we are all human “beings” not human “doings.”


It is my firm belief that when people go back to their essence of who they really are, the doing is just second nature, and they can begin to measure their lives by their inner being, not necessarily by what they “do” for a living.




Baker's Simple Recipe for Making an Awesome Project

16 Nov


Hello all.

I thought it would be really fun and exciting to share with you my simple recipe for making an Awesome Project. Below is the Baker’s Simple recipe for making an awesome project.

1. One full scoop of excitement mixed into your project.

2. A dash of optimism gradually mixed into the project.

3. 2 full scoops of persistence and commitment

4. Half a scoop of your original creativity

5. Put in oven and enjoy!!!

6. Served best with Gratitude during entire process and Celebration after completion!!!