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Stop Worrying about The “Doing” and Just “BE”

23 Nov

Hello all.

Just “BE”cause…

Many people continually ask me “what I do.” Questions arise such as, “How do you live a life of abundance, how do you do what you do and make a living?” They are so focused on what “I do,” that they are forgeting the lesson.

It’s not what I do. It’ s who I am. This is a concept many people are struggling with. I don’t “do” anything. I just be. When I just be me, the actions flow out of me naturally.

When you begin to understand this within yourself, you will understand why I just have to be myself when I type on here and everything else just takes care of itself. This state of allowing good to flow into my life, is a result of not much logical thinking, it’s a result of just being what I know.


Just relax and be you. I think the confusion comes in for many people with this subject because of the conflict they experience in expectations. This expectation of themselves comes from society’s expectation and or a perceived higher “authority” figures expectation. I urge people to not conform to what society or an “authority” wants from them. I only urge this route if in fact, that what society and what your perceived “authority” demands from you, is NOT in alignment with who you really are. Simply want what you want for you simply because it feels good for you. This feeling alone acts as an energy that will get you outside of the box of trying to “do” and into “being.”

I intend to serve as an example of how to be, not what necessarily what to do.