Marching to the Beat of Your Own Drum and Enjoying the Beat.

16 Dec


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Hello all.
Baker marches to the beat of his own drum. Baker really enjoys the beat too! The beat to my drum is amazing. I think that once you find your own rhythm and your own beat opportunities for improvement emerge and endless possibilities come alive. Marching to the beat of your own drum simply means, that you tend to do things that the majority of people may not necessarily agree with. It means being unique and being your true self regardless of what other people may say or think. It means creating something new and innovative when others are doing the exact opposite.

Baker’s Real Life Example

A real life of example is with Baker Blog posts. I understand my writing style may not be what you would traditionally read from a scholarly journal, typical book, and or average article. But it has my own unique style… Baker Style. Yes, I understand I make a lot of grammatical errors on my post, and sometimes I have run on sentences, but it’s my own flow, my beat, my drummer boy. And I enjoy it.

With that said. I’ve been reading up a lot of material from this informative website
I like this website as it gives me techniques and tips to become a better writer. Being open to improving my unique style will position me to grow as a writer. is a site that brings the pieces together in a presentable fashion, and I can still keep it Baker Style. This is what it means to have your own unique style, enjoying it, and being open to improving as opportunity presents itself.

The Main Point of This Post

March to the beat of your own drum, and enjoy it. Be you. Enjoy being you. As you march to the beat of your own drum and enjoy it opportunities will emerge. These opportunities may also come to you in the form of improving your unique style so it is more focused and presentable. But you can’t get to this point of seeing these wonderful opportunities if you don’t march to the beat of your own drum and enjoy the beat. So start marching and make sure it’s your beat you are marching to. You will be amazed as to what will begin to emerge.



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