What Baker Learned From Attending Gary Vaynerchuck's Live Speech:Baker's Cliff Notes

9 Nov


Baker and Gary V. Give You The Thumbs Up To Cash In On Your Passion!

Photo By: @JanicePlado


Hello all.

What I learned from attending Gary Vaynerchuck’s Speech while he was on his book tour, a live event at Changing Hands Indie Bookstore in Tempe Arizona.

-Social Media=New Business

-Choose Your Platform- Blogging, video, audio? Use the platform you feel most comfortable in.

-Hustle-Work your passion over and over, if you love it you won’t mind how long you spend on it.

-Create Great Content- Conent is king in social media, so know your stuff!

-Legacy is greater than currency-Everything you do in social media is available to the world, ask yourself will I mind if my grandkids see this?



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