The Most Important Thing To Consider In Your Personal Development

13 Nov


Hello all.

The most important thing to consider in your personal development is that it is YOUR personal development. It doesn’t belong to anyone else, so that’s why I believe that the more you understand your timing and the way you get in your flow, the more you can appreciate your own personal development. So regardless of where you think you are in your own personal development,  know that it’s okay to be there as long as you know you are growing at your pace. Keep in mind what others think about where  you are in your personal development does not matter in this example. Only you would really know where you are in your personal development. If you get stuck with the feeling of not growing, that’s what leads to a lot of confusion about life.

We Are All In different stages in life.

We are all in different stages, I won’t even begin to assume to guess where you are on your particular path. But I know that personal develoment takes time. Some people are developing at this very moment and may not even know it. That’s why I urge people to keep record of all the growing up they did, so you can be grateful for the joy of learning new things for the future. I will post a video soon about the joy of learning on Youtube.

Don’t Compare

Comparing your personal growth with others is a total waste of time. Where you are today is a result of all the choices you made to lead you up to this point in life. It can be daunting or exciting depending on the consious or unconscious choices you have made in the past. But remember regardless if you are doing really well, or things are a bit of a challenge for you at the moment, don’t compare yourself to others. The ego loves to compare and do all these mind tricks, and ends up loosing in the end, because we are all one unified consiousness. Yes we all have different life experiences, but we are all connected at a deeper level in humanity. Accept where you are in your personal development, and use your knowledge to grow and expand into realities you intend to experience for yourself.

YOUR Personal Development

So remember it is your Personal development which means it doesn’t matter where you think you are along the path, or what others think, as long as you recognize life lessons when they appear, and grow from each one in a manner that is right for you. Being Patient and honoring your own personal development growth is essential to a worthwhile life.


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