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Stop Worrying about The “Doing” and Just “BE”

23 Nov

Hello all.

Just “BE”cause…

Many people continually ask me “what I do.” Questions arise such as, “How do you live a life of abundance, how do you do what you do and make a living?” They are so focused on what “I do,” that they are forgeting the lesson.

It’s not what I do. It’ s who I am. This is a concept many people are struggling with. I don’t “do” anything. I just be. When I just be me, the actions flow out of me naturally.

When you begin to understand this within yourself, you will understand why I just have to be myself when I type on here and everything else just takes care of itself. This state of allowing good to flow into my life, is a result of not much logical thinking, it’s a result of just being what I know.


Just relax and be you. I think the confusion comes in for many people with this subject because of the conflict they experience in expectations. This expectation of themselves comes from society’s expectation and or a perceived higher “authority” figures expectation. I urge people to not conform to what society or an “authority” wants from them. I only urge this route if in fact, that what society and what your perceived “authority” demands from you, is NOT in alignment with who you really are. Simply want what you want for you simply because it feels good for you. This feeling alone acts as an energy that will get you outside of the box of trying to “do” and into “being.”

I intend to serve as an example of how to be, not what necessarily what to do.



When You Want Something, First Give That Something Away

20 Nov

Hello all.

The real secret to getting something you need, is by first giving it away. If you are missing love in your life, give love away for free, if you have very little money, give whatever you have away. If you want more happiness, make it your aim first to bring happiness to someone else. If you want peace, send others peace. The list goes on. This goes to the simple universal laws of creation. As you sow so shall you reap. You can’t have more of something unless you are ready to give it away first. By giving it away first, you prove to the universe that you really have it, therefore receiving more of what you want.


How Your Life is REALLY Measured

18 Nov

Hello all.

Our lives are measured not by what we do, but who we are. What you do on a daily basis is a by product of who you already are. If you don’t like what you are doing everyday, you always have the freewill and choice to change that.  Who you are comes way before what you do, because who you are is your essence and is where your truth lives.

You can do a lot of work, and do all sorts of things, but these things don’t really define who you are.  It was once stated that we are all human “beings” not human “doings.”


It is my firm belief that when people go back to their essence of who they really are, the doing is just second nature, and they can begin to measure their lives by their inner being, not necessarily by what they “do” for a living.




The Most Important Thing To Consider In Your Personal Development

13 Nov


Hello all.

The most important thing to consider in your personal development is that it is YOUR personal development. It doesn’t belong to anyone else, so that’s why I believe that the more you understand your timing and the way you get in your flow, the more you can appreciate your own personal development. So regardless of where you think you are in your own personal development,  know that it’s okay to be there as long as you know you are growing at your pace. Keep in mind what others think about where  you are in your personal development does not matter in this example. Only you would really know where you are in your personal development. If you get stuck with the feeling of not growing, that’s what leads to a lot of confusion about life.

We Are All In different stages in life.

We are all in different stages, I won’t even begin to assume to guess where you are on your particular path. But I know that personal develoment takes time. Some people are developing at this very moment and may not even know it. That’s why I urge people to keep record of all the growing up they did, so you can be grateful for the joy of learning new things for the future. I will post a video soon about the joy of learning on Youtube.

Don’t Compare

Comparing your personal growth with others is a total waste of time. Where you are today is a result of all the choices you made to lead you up to this point in life. It can be daunting or exciting depending on the consious or unconscious choices you have made in the past. But remember regardless if you are doing really well, or things are a bit of a challenge for you at the moment, don’t compare yourself to others. The ego loves to compare and do all these mind tricks, and ends up loosing in the end, because we are all one unified consiousness. Yes we all have different life experiences, but we are all connected at a deeper level in humanity. Accept where you are in your personal development, and use your knowledge to grow and expand into realities you intend to experience for yourself.

YOUR Personal Development

So remember it is your Personal development which means it doesn’t matter where you think you are along the path, or what others think, as long as you recognize life lessons when they appear, and grow from each one in a manner that is right for you. Being Patient and honoring your own personal development growth is essential to a worthwhile life.


Your Choice-The Importance of Your Value System

9 Nov


Hello all.

You are constantly being presented with many choices in your life. Which is the best one ? You tell me. Only you really know which is the best choice. In this blog I give the power back to the indiviudal. I belive in freewill, and that your choices create your reality. Before we get into choice making, let’s first talk about values, because I believe that your values determine the choices you eventually make.

“You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.” -Deepak Chopra

The choices you make are a result of your values. Choices are easier to make when you are clear on your values and your set of standards. How do you develop your own values? Well, a lot of it is what you were taught early on as a child. Things generally carry more perceived value to you when were conditioned in a certain way early on. With that said values can actually change over time as you grow and learn more about yourself.

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” -Roy Disney

DSC000501 a.m on a Saturday Morning working on the Baker Jump Shot


My Personal Example on Values

An example would be for me personally I used to really value the game of basketball. It was something I loved to do, and enjoyed playing. There was a point in my life that I would think of actually very little else, than playing the game of basketball. So the way I made choices were based around this sport. I remember there would be occasions when I would choose to miss a high school party in my teenage years, to actually practice on my jump shot all night. I valued getting better at the sport so much, that I would make choices focused on this sport. As I grew older there were other things I began to value more. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t like the sport. It just means other things needed more of my attention as time passed by. There were other things that began to excite me at the moment. Things like personal development, business, expressing my creativity, and making a positve impact on the world began to be more valuable to me. So now I structure my choices accordingly, based on the values I have in the present.

What Do You Value?

Begin now to get clear on what your values are at this moment in your life. We all have different values. For example, Some people value money more than anything else, some value family, relationships, friendships etc. I’m not here to judge you on what you value. I’m here to let you know that the things, people, and experiences you value the most is what really guides you in your decision making. So the next time you find yourself having to make a hard decision between one thing or another, think about what you value at the moment. What is important for you? When you get clear on your values, you are clear on the choices you decide to make. Remember, at the end of the day it is always your choice.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. -Tony Robbins


A Healthy Relationship With The Present Moment

26 Feb


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Hello all.
When I was a senior in High school, my quote below my yearbook read: “The past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift.” The present moment is all that really exist. If you sit and think of it, we have memories of the past which we learn and grow from, but in reality, aren’t here right now. We also have expectations and visions for the future, yet the future in reality is still uncertain, and isn’t here yet. Real life is right at this very moment. This is the only thing that is real right now. Beyond successful individuals understand that all power resides in the now. Beyond succesful individuals focus on the here and now, and develop a healthy relationship with where they are at currently. There is really no here or there, just what is now.

“I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.”

When you begin to focus your energy on being present you will begin to awaken to how amazing each moment really is. Each moment is a gift that you can use to open up your awareness to life. I am totally in the present moment as I type these words, and this is why I am fully aware and experiencing joy at this very moment. There are no disruptions from anyone or anything. This is my comfortable space of creating. I enjoy it and am grateful to be here. This is the best gift of life, to be aware of the here and now.

What kind of relationship are you having now with the present moment? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Do you want to be somewhere else right now? Begin now to have a healthy relationship with this place you are now in. Remember the law of attraction is always at work. You need to focus on choosing how you intend to relate to what is going on right now in your life. What you focus on expands. So if you focus on enjoying this exact moment you open up to awareness and the goodness of life, and attract more of this goodness towards you. The amazing thing about this is idea is that you can literally choose at this very moment how you want to feel. You can choose at this moment to truly be happy right now, or choose to be miserable. You don’t need any external reason to be happy. You can be happy for no reason at all. The fact that you are where you are and being where you are is bringing you happiness, is really all there is to it. Remember everything else is supposed to happen the way it must. Your goal is to have a healthy relationship with what is going on in the present moment. I am convinced that present moment awareness is the key to achieving a beyond succesful lifestyle.


You Don't Need Permission To Soar

21 Feb


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Hello all.
Many times in life we look for others to give us permission to soar above and beyond our goals. You need to stop thinking that there is one absolute answer to everything. When choosing to follow your dreams or do what everyone else is doing is to realize that you don’t need permission to soar. You have been socially conditioned to believe that there are limits to what you can accomplish. In reality there aren’t any limits to what you can be, do, or have. You set the limits and you create what you want to experience.
When you are met with challenges in pursuit of your dreams, realize that these are just small tests along the way to see if you are certain on your course of action.
The only real permission that matters is the permission you give yourself. Take some time out of your day to reflect on what you really want out of life. Write down the action steps you believe will get you to where you want to go. Seek advice from those that actually have gone the same route you intend to experience.

This post has nothing to do with what other people want you to become, and everything to do with what you want to become. When you live your life in other people’s eyes, there will always be something in the back of your mind that says, “What if?”

What if I decided to follow my dreams?
What if I did decide to follow my heart? etc.

Living your life through what others want from you makes you a victim. If you constantly do what others want from you, then you are subject to blame those same people in the future, if later you find yourself unhappy with the outcome.

You would rather fail at something you feel is right and be content with the decision, then succeed at something that someone else feels was right for you, and be unhappy.

What I’ve come to learn is that there is no one person at the end that says: “Yes you can.” There really is no such thing as a hero. You are the hero. This is your story. If you choose to be.

Give yourself the permission to soar.