Abundance Mindset V.S Scarcity Mindset-Why The Universe Rewards People Who Are Detached

9 Nov


Hello all.

You probably heard about the abundance and scarcity mindset before. The abundance mindset is a way of living that comes across as confident, detached, and joyful. It is confident that money, resources, and people will come in it’s own perfect time. The abundance mindset believes that there is always going to be more than enough. The scarcity mindset is a way of living that comes across as worried, attatched, and sad. The scarcity mindset always believes there is never going to be enough. It is constantly worried that money, resources, and people will not come.

The universe rewards Detachment

The universe rewards detatchment because after an intention is set, and you let go of this desire, the universe sees that you are confident and assured it will come. It seems counter intuitive by what we were taught in this society. The idea of setting a goal and never loosing sight of this goal (attaching) until completion does work. However, that way is only one way of reaching a desire. You see by being easy and relaxed about something coming is sending signals to the universe that you are in a dominant vibration. As you sink into a lower vibration of neediness and being clingy the universe gives you more neediness and scarcity, because this is a weaker vibration.


On A date

Let’s say that you are on a date with someone. You have probably been in the position when you are on a date, and felt that the person that is most interested in the other person and feels the need to attach, is the one that doesn’t get what he or she wants at the end of the day. The person that displays a sense of neediness generally in most cases, leaves feeling unfulfilled. The reason is because neediness is unattractive. There is a feeling of scarcity and lack when someone is in desperate need of something. The person on the date that is having a good time, relaxed, and detached actually is in control over the situation, because he or she is confident that everything works out fine in the end anyway. The same way is with abundance. The person trying desperately to need more abundance gets a lack of it, and the person that is relaxed and easy about it generally gets more abundance.


On Money

The individuals who care most about having money, generally get it, but aren’t fulfilled because of the way they attatched to the money. The person that sets the intention of having an abundance of money, lets it go and just has fun, is sending out a more dominate vibration out to the universe, and generally attracts more money to him or her. Like I said this may sound counter intuitive because of the way you were socially conditioned early on. However, understanding the importance of detatchment in getting what you desire is actually the best way to attract things to you.


You are a Magnet

Think of yourself as a magnet. You are constantly attracting to yourself that which you are. So if you are a happy joyful abundant person you attract these circumstances and people towards you. The problem is that people have a hard time seeing themselves as a magnet because they are stuck in the scarcity mindset. With the scarcity mindset you aren’t a magnet. As you become aware and grateful for the abundance that is already present in your life, you tune in easier to this abundance. The reason is because abundance is already within you. It’s not something “out there.” If you begin to live in this manner, you will have a lot more fun being yourself and allowing abundance to flow to you simply by just tunning into the abundance within you, by being grateful for what you already have.



2 Responses to “Abundance Mindset V.S Scarcity Mindset-Why The Universe Rewards People Who Are Detached”

  1. Tildet Schoenbrot November 11, 2009 at 3:14 am #

    Wow, great post! I believe that prosperity begins with a positive mindset. If a person believes in himself or herself, he or she can achieve great dreams.


  2. beyondsuccess November 12, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

    Tildet Thanks for your feedback! It’s Much appreciated.

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