I am ordinary.

17 Aug

Hello All!

I woke up this morning, and I realized how ordinary I was. We live in an ego-based society where a lot of times people will base their self worth on how much money they have, the car they drive, the status they believe they have achieved, physical looks, awards etc.

I am going to change that, and start a revolution.

This place that I speak of is a place where we measure ourselves on how conscious we are of our general well-being. We place others feelings and are sympathetic to others needs and realizing we are all part of a collective consious. This place will come from a place of joy, peace, and abundance, and love.
The reason I feel ordinary as I woke up this morning is because my spirit and soul is exuding confidence. My soul is like the sun, it keeps shining regardless if you see it or not. I am glowing from my inner self, enriching my life as I enrich countless others. I sparkle.

You are reading words from a soul-based individual that has the ability to tap into the God Source. You are blessed, and extremely privileged, be positive in my presence. Know that you are unconditionally loved beyond reason. All is well.

With Gratitude,



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