Current State of America and The Chosen Few.

6 Aug

Photo Courtesy Moneybags

Current state of America and The Chosen Few.

Realizing that much is yet to be learned…

How much we value what we believe we “earned.”

Struggle was never the foundation of the experiences of life’s greatest joys.

You can be fooled by the luxurious toys.

Oh, but the wise have gone pass, realizing the egoic state of America won’t last.

Every historical nation bent on ego and pride eventually collapse.

American’s Olympic dreams of winning the Gold…

Yet it’s still the worthless U.S dollars we try to Hold.

Cash is trash and is being printed out of thin air.

While The Baker is providing Value with Baker Ware.

Trading in long hours for dollars that aren’t worth anything, doesn’t make sense.

The true value of a single U.S dollar breaks down to, 4 cents.

Wall Street getting tense, Middle- class Americans choosing which side of the fence!?

Do I belong on the rich or the poor?

The split is just a matter of time, Greedy fools out to get mine.

Climbing up the Corporate ladder, how high up can we go!?

While China silently in the background, waiting to overthrow.

Depression may come…

This is where those that trusted their ego will begin to run…

Run far out into a world where there ego is still to be trusted, to find they all get busted in the lies…

Yet the wise…( in their own country’s demise), lay silently in truth that never dies.

Truth of spirit and trusting the God Source.

This is the truth that will be the new wave, the new force, to uplift consiousness, out of hope and love.

No longer will there be action in fear, or action out of scarcity.

These are visions of the modern day visionary.

The split between Americans is currently taking place,

At the exact moment in that, if you ran your own race…

You are now on pace, to be among the chosen few, destined to go beyond success and look back and watch as you helped America rise up all the way through.

While others sit and watch in amazement and wonder at you.

The Chosen Few.



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