Reasons the Baker continues to achieve Beyond Success…

22 Jun

(Here’s a picture of the Baker in a garden in Temecula CA…Just visual proof to my many readers that what I speak of on Beyond Success Blogs comes from the Light Source.)

Hello All!

I have a list of reasons why I have achieved beyond success in my life, and continue to achieve beyond success. I personally invite you to take a look at these reasons and I allow you to use some of them, and watch how great life continues to unfold for you.

List of Reasons why I continue to achieve Beyond Success:

1. Knowing exactly what I want, and setting the goals to get there.

2. Disciplined and persistent on action necessary to reach the goals.

3. Visualizing and seeing myself as if the goals has already been accomplished.

4. The understanding that the journey to Beyond Success is THE SUCCESS in itself.

5. Encouraging others to follow their dreams and push forward in a positive progressive manner.

6. Providing great value to the people.

7. Being in a state of allowing the good and success to flow inside me.

8. Being Beyond Success with the intention to serve as an example for the enlightened progression of the people and society at large.


Shine your light on the world!


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