Trust your Intution.

17 Jun

When making life decisions it is best to carefully plan out your course of action, but more importantly to trust your gut feeling. When your gut tells you go straight, go straight. It is that simple. 95% of the time when I have trusted my gut feeling the outcome has been positive and good choice after all.

You can talk to as many people as you want about helping you decide, you can even formulate little games in your head trying to “look for signs” about whether your decision is “right.” But at the core it is on you, and more importantly how you react to the resistance given off by other people.

Remember as in the last post, people are only a mirror to yourself. So when you are hesitant about a decision it will in a very subtle way, be shown, and remember the person you are telling that to will reflect back to you your very own hesitation of being unclear of your choice. Thus what you say and how you say it really does just come back to you reflecting like a mirror. The same is true if you are confident and sure of your choice and or decision. The more we trust our gut feelings, the more we will feel confident and bold in our decision making.

Let me tell you about this strange world we live in. The strange world that forces us to make things more difficult than they should be. This strange world we live in, will at times act as though we don’t know what to choose. This is “acting” because in reality you do know which to chose, it really is a matter of how certain you are of your personal choice. The reason it is acting is because we are acting to conform, to please others, to not sound silly, to avoid risk, to make sure everything is “fair.”

A real life example is my choice to become wealthy. More important then the mere fact of becoming wealthy is the means I chose to go about it. (I.e How I make the money). I will later post an article on my view of capitalism and how certain areas of capitalism are essential to creating wealth, but with the firm realization that wealth is at first created in a spirit sense. The Baker therefore can be seen as the Spiritual Capitalist: The idea of how the spiritual laws of abundance can flow readily and easily to those that “create” the system…I think that would be fitting for the basis of my first book!

So back to what i was saying about choice. My choice to become wealthy is my choice. Not everyone wants this, mainly because they don’t understand wealth and money as I’ve grown to understand it…But the fact is that this is what I choose. This is my choice and there are action steps necessary to it.

I feel as though there are few people that don’t understand wealth and discourage this conscious choice I made for myself. I understand that Not everyone wants this, mainly because they don’t understand wealth and money as I’ve grown to understand it…But the fact is that this is what I choose.

The ironic part is that it isn’t them that I’m worried about when I speak to them, it is me. Because if I’m attracting individuals that don’t feel or understand the concept of wealth and are not choosing it, then that’s a signal to myself that I’m not 100% sure of my own choice. As “they” say like attracts like. The few people that don’t agree with my choice to achieve wealth are that very small part of me that still doubts and is still hesitant.

But as I mentioned earlier it is just a matter of your Certainty and confidence in knowing what you have chosen and decided. People won’t stand in the way of someone who knows what they want out of life. Be that person that is sure and certain about living your greatest dreams.

It’s that simple. choose to be what you want and stick to that no matter what happens and create the experience and the results of reaching beyond success in your own life!

In conclusion, I am beyond success because that is what I choose to experience. What are you choosing?

With Positive vibes that lead to beyond success,


Baker Trusting his GUT into the road less traveled…


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