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You Don’t Need Permission To Soar

21 Feb


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Hello all.
Many times in life we look for others to give us permission to soar above and beyond our goals. You need to stop thinking that there is one absolute answer to everything. When choosing to follow your dreams or do what everyone else is doing is to realize that you don’t need permission to soar. You have been socially conditioned to believe that there are limits to what you can accomplish. In reality there aren’t any limits to what you can be, do, or have. You set the limits and you create what you want to experience.
When you are met with challenges in pursuit of your dreams, realize that these are just small tests along the way to see if you are certain on your course of action.
The only real permission that matters is the permission you give yourself. Take some time out of your day to reflect on what you really want out of life. Write down the action steps you believe will get you to where you want to go. Seek advice from those that actually have gone the same route you intend to experience.

This post has nothing to do with what other people want you to become, and everything to do with what you want to become. When you live your life in other people’s eyes, there will always be something in the back of your mind that says, “What if?”

What if I decided to follow my dreams?
What if I did decide to follow my heart? etc.

Living your life through what others want from you makes you a victim. If you constantly do what others want from you, then you are subject to blame those same people in the future, if later you find yourself unhappy with the outcome.

You would rather fail at something you feel is right and be content with the decision, then succeed at something that someone else feels was right for you, and be unhappy.

What I’ve come to learn is that there is no one person at the end that says: “Yes you can.” There really is no such thing as a hero. You are the hero. This is your story. If you choose to be.

Give yourself the permission to soar.


Where People Will Flock in 2009 & How The Truth Will Always Prevail.

7 Jan


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Hello all.
By the end of 2009 I predict many people will flock to bookstores and libraries at record numbers. Many people being jobless and laid off will be searching for some kind of truth. The bookstores and libraries offer some kind of relief to the individual that gets laid off of work.

People will also be flocking in record numbers onto sites such as Youtube and blogs written by real people, (such as this one) in search for truth and clarity. Towards the later part of 2009 Beyond Success Baker Blog will continue to be a great success because it always comes from a place of truth, and the truth will always prevail. It is the people that come on here that will make this the success, because these blogs are a reflection of their hopes and dreams. The creative people that begin to follow their dreams, will keep creating positive value to other people, and enjoy a life of inner peace and abundance.

However, the ones that refuse this will be more angry and frustrated than ever, and will resist truth by giving into temptations to do wrong, and drown in the darkness they created for themselves. I see this path as the cause of many addictions taking place such as an obsession with sex, drugs, negative thought patterns, and alcohol. This will create karma that will need to be re-paid either in this lifetime or the next.

2009 is a crucial year as we prepare for the shift in consiousness that is scheduled for 2012.

The Truth Will Always Prevail.

Light and Gratitude,

The Flow.

29 Dec


When I was free of all thought I entered this space.
It was neither a fast or slow pace.
Neither was it a race.
The need for desiring anything did not exist.
All I remember was pure bliss.
A place where abundant creativity flowed naturally.
Not concerned with what “they” see.
It was the flow that set me free.
It was the flow that allowed me to BE.


Baker Blog Hits 5,000 Views Today!

17 Dec

Ideals of Baker The Brand

Hello all.
Baker Blog hit 5,000 hits this morning! Yay! I believe I wrote a post last month Nov. 20, 2008 where I celebrated a small victory of 3,308 hits.
Baker Blog is steadily emerging into a pretty spectacular blog!

I really wanted to make another blog post when the number was an even solid number (like 5,000). Technically I’m reading 5,001 views, but you get the picture.
Celebrating along the way is so much fun. The positive energy we bring into any project and seeing results is probably the best feeling in the world. I know that writing these blogs has been such a great experience, and I continue to allow these blogs to emerge as a great blog that inspires and enriches countless individuals. If you are new here, please be assured that you are in good company. Once again I’m Baker and I use a + sign before my name because I’m positive.

Here’s to 5,000 hits today!


The Answers To Your Questions Are Inside You.

16 Dec


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Hello All.
The answer to any question you have is already inside of you. We may ask people questions about which direction to go in, but ultimately all the answers are already inside you. All it takes is time and silence to really know the answer to your life’s burning questions. Talking with people helps and asking questions help guide you in the right direction as well. But this doesn’t change the fact that you already had the correct feeling from the start, for what direction to go in.

Baker’s Real Life Example

After graduating college there was something inside of my mind that was telling me to get a “real job.’ I quickly dismissed that thought because it was not in alignment with my true purpose. I knew that if I got a “real job” it would interfere with my creativity and my words wouldn’t be as sincere if I didn’t do Baker The Brand and Blogs full time.

This is an example of how the answers are already inside you. You’ll receive many suggestions about various directions to go but ultimately the voice inside surpasses everything else.

The Main Point of This Post
So the point is that any answer you ever need is already inside you. You just need to sit and listen to your inner voice. Some call this intuition or using your gut, whatever you call it, know that it won’t fail you. It loves you and wants only the best for you.


Getting Clear.

11 Dec


Baker Blog Intention and Mission
Baker Blog intends to Inspire and enrich your life, for the greater good of all concerned.

What is Baker The Brand?
I intend to successfully grow my personal brand, Baker The Brand into a highly influential and successful personal development business. The intention of building Baker The Brand is to inspire and enrich the lives of countless individuals for the greater good of all concerned. The intention of both Baker Blog and Baker the Brand was not the the same by accident, it was intentional. I want it all to flow in together nicely and smoothly. It will make much more sense as it continues to emerge. So far so good!

There will be various projects I will be working on under Baker The Brand. I will notify you guys as it comes along.
For now, stay on here and read some of this material. These blogs are some of the most authentic and real personal development blogs you will ever read.

Thank you for visiting, and stay tunned. The clearer I get on my intentions and mission the better it gets!


Why Knowing Exactly What You Want is A Good Thing.

11 Dec


Hello all.

Knowing exactly what you want is a good thing. When you know exactly what you want, you will take the action steps and sacrifices necessary to get your goal. Some people say they know what they want, but they haven’t really taken the time to sit and write out exactly what is they want. You would be surprised, not everyone is pursuing your exact goals.

Many people are not clear on what they want. This is alright. I suggest you take some time out and write down your ideal day. What would you be doing? How would you be feeling? What type of influence will you have with the people around you? How much will you be making? Take into account all these factors.
Once you have written out the perfect day. Then keep this list somewhere you visually see it everyday.

Writing down goals and writing down exactly what you want is the first step to attaining it. You also have to remember that there will be obstacles and challenges along the way, but I think knowing exactly what you want keeps you focused and keeps you in productive motion.