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A Healthy Relationship With The Present Moment

26 Feb


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Hello all.
When I was a senior in High school, my quote below my yearbook read: “The past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift.” The present moment is all that really exist. If you sit and think of it, we have memories of the past which we learn and grow from, but in reality, aren’t here right now. We also have expectations and visions for the future, yet the future in reality is still uncertain, and isn’t here yet. Real life is right at this very moment. This is the only thing that is real right now. Beyond successful individuals understand that all power resides in the now. Beyond succesful individuals focus on the here and now, and develop a healthy relationship with where they are at currently. There is really no here or there, just what is now.

“I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.”

When you begin to focus your energy on being present you will begin to awaken to how amazing each moment really is. Each moment is a gift that you can use to open up your awareness to life. I am totally in the present moment as I type these words, and this is why I am fully aware and experiencing joy at this very moment. There are no disruptions from anyone or anything. This is my comfortable space of creating. I enjoy it and am grateful to be here. This is the best gift of life, to be aware of the here and now.

What kind of relationship are you having now with the present moment? Is it healthy or unhealthy? Do you want to be somewhere else right now? Begin now to have a healthy relationship with this place you are now in. Remember the law of attraction is always at work. You need to focus on choosing how you intend to relate to what is going on right now in your life. What you focus on expands. So if you focus on enjoying this exact moment you open up to awareness and the goodness of life, and attract more of this goodness towards you. The amazing thing about this is idea is that you can literally choose at this very moment how you want to feel. You can choose at this moment to truly be happy right now, or choose to be miserable. You don’t need any external reason to be happy. You can be happy for no reason at all. The fact that you are where you are and being where you are is bringing you happiness, is really all there is to it. Remember everything else is supposed to happen the way it must. Your goal is to have a healthy relationship with what is going on in the present moment. I am convinced that present moment awareness is the key to achieving a beyond succesful lifestyle.