When you say "Yes" to doing a job you don't like, a part of your spirit dies.

28 Oct


Hello all.

We have all been there. The moment of decision, you are offered a job that will make a good enough sum of money that is comfortable for you. “Yay! I finally got a job.” you say to yourself. You get really excited, your parents and people close to you cheer with you, saying all the same thing. The words are uttered “I’m proud of you.”
But wait one second, isn’t “pride” a form of the ego? And if anything is ego based then it won’t last long, and it doesn’t lead to true happiness right?

I get really worried when someone says they are “proud” of me. It’s an indication that I did something good for their ego or something to that effect… I know I’m going in the right direction when something feels right for me, and I actually don’t get a reaction from others. But when I make a decision that a majority of people in society make, like “getting a job” all of a sudden people are “proud of me” ? That worries me.

Being Proud?
It worries me to think that people close to me get an inner sense of pride when I do something like “getting a job.” That’s an indication that they are stuck in a box that someone else has trapped them in. Yes a job means you get money. Yes you need money to survive. But damn! Doing a job you don’t like kills a part of your spirit! Where is THAT STATEMENT in the fine print when I’m signing up for my freakin’ W-2! People need to wake up, and they need to wake up fast, because the world is changing. The rules are changing.

The economy is collapsing people. The reason it is collapsing is because the old structure was built on greed and hunger for power, and only satisfies the temporary high of the ego, so that one day someone who has reached some sort of powerful corporate position can say to that person…
“I’m proud of you.”
You say “yes” to the job. Little did you know the moment you said yes to this job, a part of your spirit dies. I Believe that in most cases, people accept jobs they don’t like because they are in need of something. In many cases it’s money. The bottom line is this, if you are doing a job you don’t like, and you make let’s say a lot of money from it, it won’t really matter in the end. The process is what it’s all about.

The Process
The process is the basis of my Beyond Successful Principles. I mean if you really enjoyed what you were doing and you weren’t in a “needy” position, life really does make a lot more sense. The universe abundantly gives to you the money, resources that you need. It’s all about staying in alignment with what is true for you. If you can trust this wisdom, and even just begin to study it you will find yourself in a place beyond your wildest dreams. You see your spirit knows what is good for you. It constantly tries to remind you via intuition and body signals. By body signals I mean, if you feel your body is being constantly weighed down or sluggish while doing your job, it may be an indication that your body is trying to tell you to choose another direction. Our physical body can only take so much.

Your Body Signals
I have the wonderful privilege of interviewing Caroline Sutherland. The best selling author of the book The Body Knows. She will be on my next blog post. She has studied this stuff and researched and has come to the realization that your physical body is constantly trying to give you signs of what is right or wrong for your spirit. The better your physical body feels the more in alignment you are with your true self, thus creating more exciting and enjoyable life experience.

Tune Into Abundance
What I do know for certain is that if you are doing a job you don’t like just out of neediness, I can guarantee you will always be in a state of neediness. Abundance can’t survive in a state of neediness, because abundance is actually the opposite mindset of neediness. Abundance is the ability to do what you need to do, when you need to do it. It is knowing that all your needs are met financially, emotionally, and spiritually. So in reality when you accept a job you don’t like out of neediness, you actually become more poor, which reflects everything else around you, thus takes away your true abundance that lies within you.

Still Proud?
So please, don’t be proud of people when they are doing jobs they don’t like, because that gives them further motivation to stop listening to their spirit. It gives them validation and approval to do things they don’t like for reasons they don’t understand. Instead be inspired by the blogger, who chooses to blog all day long because that is what give him joy, that is what excites him everyday. Be inspired by the talented musician on youtube who is staying up until 4am to compose some beautiful music for you, because it livens his spirit. Be inspired by the individual who decided to quit her job, and start an empowering business that intends to build a community based on something she feels passionate about and that can create a more positive uplifting space for herself and the people she empowers. Be inspired by the individual that says NO to larger sums of money offered by a corporate job, and chooses to work on his or her passion instead. But also be inspired to the person that says YES to accepting larger sums of money by working on his or her passion. šŸ™‚

Don’t say “yes” to doing a job you don’t like. Say “YES” to doing work that keeps your spirit alive.



3 Responses to “When you say "Yes" to doing a job you don't like, a part of your spirit dies.”

  1. Evelyn Lim October 31, 2009 at 2:41 am #

    I certainly resonate well with what you said in your post. I hope to create work from the person that I am. Hence, my inner state of being drives my outer state of abundance. If I am not getting the results that I wish to have on the outside, I need to look internally to discover the areas I need to evolve.

    Thumbs up to what you said “say yes to doing work that keeps your spirit alive”!

  2. beyondsuccess October 31, 2009 at 4:11 am #

    Hello Evelyn,
    I’d like to thank you for your thoughts on this post. The inner state is always where it all starts! We create from within and everything else that comes out in it’s manifestations just is a mirror of what we were creating on the internal level. Kudos to you.


  3. Oscar - freestyle mind October 31, 2009 at 8:32 am #

    Maybe a good alternative would be to have a part time job while continuing to pursue one dreams. Nice post šŸ˜‰

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