The Consequences of Conforming In Today's Society

18 Oct


Hello all.
There are major consequences for trying to conform in today’s world. I understand what is happening to the economy at a certain level, and I understand what is happening to a majority of individuals on a more consious/spiritual level. What is happening is that the television sets are turned on too much, and the lack of awareness of the goodness and simplicity of life is loosing its ground.
The dark forces that urge people to operate from the T.V egoic generation is multiplying. This is allowing many people to conform more to a society based on a fear.

My concern is that the old ways of conforming to the ideas of society, are still here very much alive in the way people talk, dress, and act. I understand that these are hard times for most people as far as the economy, however what I would like to see more of is people starting to really making an effort to be in tune with their higher selves. Your higher self is the best you. It is the you that understands what is going on in today’s world, and is willing to do shine your inner truth out to the world. I believe we live in a day and age where it is dangerous to ones spirit to hang on to old limiting belief systems that keep people in a state of fear. This state of fear is what the current society is trying to keep you in.


1. One of the major consequences of conforming to this society, is a loss of self value. It is very easy to be a follower in the crowd and continue on a path of self destruction, than it is to take responsibility of ones life and progress forward. It is easier to complain and be fearful, than it is to be an optimist and be courageous.
Conforming in this society will lead to more destruction with ones self and spread to others. The conforming society distracts you from your true self value.

2. The second major consequence of conforming to this society, is the loss of creativity. When a person decides to be like everyone else in this strange world, they loose that inner creativity that allows them to soar beyond their wildest dreams. This society urges you to be like everyone else, and play it safe all the time. But your inner child knows that creativity and the ability to co-create with others is what brings out the excitement and joy out of life.
Conforming to societies wants, doesn’t allow you that creative freedom, to even explore and develop your creative talents.


We need people who are themselves, 100% doing work that serves the greater good. We need the real type of change that goes against the conforming ways of this society. This real type of change starts within you. You choose to live a life of a higher or lower vibration.

The truth is that this world is filled with abundance, peace, and joy. I believe it is an energy that just needs to be taped into. Once the person taps into abundance, peace, and joy synchronistic events happen in the individual’s life and life becomes a endless series of pleasurable and exciting moments. Regardless of how society tries to put limitations on you,
begin now to see the world from your higher self, and allow this perspective to inspire and enrich your life everyday.

There is a new energy that is here on this planet that will fully support those that are vibrating from their higher selves. Trust in this new energy, that allows you to be creative, expand, and free.
There are consequences of conforming in today’s society. But it’s always your choice.



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