The Story Behind The Pictures I Post On My Blogs

19 Sep

Photo By Kimbundance

Hello all.
Many people enjoy the pictures that I have above my blog posts. The majority of the pictures I post are carefully selected pictures I get from google images. I try my best to contact each photo and ask approval from the source when I can. Some of the other pictures you see of were taken by my sister Kimbundance. The picture above is from my sister Kimbundance. You can check out her amazing photography work HERE.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”
-Napoleon Bonaparte

There is a little story that goes behind the pictures I’ve posted on my blogs.
This entire summer has been remarkable. This summer, I’ve been fortunate enough to have done a lot of traveling relatively close to California. This summer I’ve been lucky enough to travel to different parts of Arizona, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, and some really nice Orange County beaches such as Newport and Laguna Beach. While I was traveling, little did I know the pictures that I’ve carefully selected and admired that I had just grabbed from Google Images have began appearing to me in real life.

It was pretty amazing watching the whole thing unfold. I would be say in Arizona, visiting the Grand Canyon, and actually be standing right in front of the wonderful sight in real life, only to realize about 7-10 blog posts before, I had the exact same picture in one of my blog posts. This has happened in numerous occasions.
Life really does imitate art, and art imitates life…



2 Responses to “The Story Behind The Pictures I Post On My Blogs”

  1. Giovanna Garcia September 25, 2009 at 6:58 pm #

    Hi Baker,
    I enjoyed learning about your story behind the pictures. The next time you are in San Diego send me an email. May be I can meet you. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

    • beyondsuccess September 25, 2009 at 7:55 pm #

      Hi Giovanna,
      Thanks for contributing to this post! I will send you an email when I’m in San Diego. 🙂 Have a great day!

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