Sticking With Your Talents-What is Your Bread & Butter?

6 Sep


Writing these blogs is where I feel most comfortable and at ease on a creative level.
I consider myself an above average blogger, because I enjoy writing. This enjoyment is proof enough for me to continue on. My bread and butter is writing these blogs and specifically personal development blogs that inspire others to grow consciously.


I happen to know some truly talented individuals who are exceptional at singing. I get really inspired hearing them sing, because I can at times, really feel the enjoyment and passion in their voice as they are singing. These talented individuals know their bread and butter, and they stick to their talent. I am in awe at times listening to great musicians, really going out and sharing their talents, and passion. However for me, I know that if I really tried singing I probably wouldn’t be very good at it, because it’s not something I personally truly have a passion for, nor the natural talent.

I also know amazing people who are really good at organizing and planning. These people can take something that may look really complex for me personally, and break it down into tangible organized planning, that end up with positive results. I am mediocre with organizing and planning, because it’s not something I truly have a passion for. I truly admire individuals who have a strong talent in organizing and planning, but if I tried to step to their level I know realistically I wouldn’t be as efficient in that area as they would be.

“Put your talent into your work, but your genius into your life”
-Oscar Wilde

For now, my “bread and butter” is in writing blogs. This blog is what I go back to when I need a creative outlet for myself. Even if I haven’t posted on here much of late, I know that I can always go back to this creative form, to get my creativity out of me. I really enjoy writing blogs, because it allows me to share and provide positive value to my readers. I stick to my bread and butter, because this is where my energy is needed at this particular time in my life. It may change as I grow, (perhaps into public speaking ) But for now, this is where I feel I can operate at my best. My ability to write and provide positive value at the same time is very exciting for me. Providing positive value to me is enjoyable. Some people may not enjoy providing positive value, and may like doing many other things. I want you to understand that whatever you are really good at doing, enjoy it to the max and stick with it. Don’t worry too much about what other people are really good at, and focus on what you are really good at. Expand your talents. You were given these talents for a reason.

Another talent I have, that most people that personally know me are aware of, is that in person I’m a pretty funny guy. I enjoy making people laugh. I have a humors side that comes out at random, and I think the fact that it’s random is what makes it even more funny…lol. It’s something I don’t even really try hard at, and don’t even notice when I’m doing it! It really is very easy for me to make light of any situation. My humor is another bread and butter for me in more social situations. I tap into my humors side to feel more comfortable. I like to use humor to open up conversations and break the ice with all different types of people. I believe that with a good laugh, people’s guards are usually let down and I get to strike up really nice conversations with the individual on more grounded terms.

“True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.”
John W. Gardner

I have several talents, but I stick to what works at the moment. This topic is very of reminiscent of when I used to play basketball. I knew that my bread and butter was my mid range jumpshot. I knew that if I shot a mid range jumpshot 8 time out of 10, I would make the basket. I was talented in other offensive areas such as driving it into the hole, and long range shooting, but my bread and butter was the mid-range shot. I can count on it, when I needed it. It was a comfortable spot for me.

Starting out, It’s also important to experiment and try new things. You really never know where your real talents are if you never really gave it try in the first place! However if you are fortunate enough to have, found a few talents you are really good at, I urge you to stick with those main ones. Those main talents will become your bread and butter. Also, don’t be afraid to show it to others. Showing your talent to others whether it be singing, dj-ing, dancing, organizing, leading, humor etc…Show it to people, because you never know how many people actually get inspired by you sharing your talents!

“Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What’s a sun-dial in the shade?”
-Benjamin Franklin



3 Responses to “Sticking With Your Talents-What is Your Bread & Butter?”

  1. Diff.thinkr September 7, 2009 at 3:38 pm #

    I have just commented about your site in my blog….. Keep up the good work

  2. Lisa Musser September 14, 2009 at 12:38 am #

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment! Thought I would return the favor, thanks again!

  3. beyondsuccess September 17, 2009 at 5:31 pm #

    @Lisa_Musser Your welcome! Anytime. Thanks for the feedback!

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