Enthusiasm & Joy!!!

28 Aug


Hello all.
Many people try to overcomplicated things. I believe that at the core of everything you take on, if there isn’t enough enthusiasm or joy, the chances of you going in the wrong direction is very high. Now a lot of people do things because they feel the “have to.” I don’t believe you “have to” do anything. You were put here to express enthusiasm and joy in all that you do, and allowing others to be blessed by this. It always goes back to your personal belief systems. Something is only as important to you because you believe it to be.

“Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives.”
-Tony Robbins


Now a lot of people ask me, but how do you keep your enthusiasm and joy when everything around me isn’t working? I say, your view on life is all based on your own perspective. Yes, maybe things didn’t go your way when you wanted it to, but how you deal with it or how you resolve it is always and will always be your choice. Does it get difficult sometimes? Yes. It does get difficult to realize that you are fully responsible for the way you react towards challenges that come your way. But does this make you a stronger and better person? Yes. I believe it does. When you begin to realize that all the reactions that you have deep within you are just your own feelings towards a certain outcome, than you really get an honest look at who you are. If you are willing to change this, remember that it is just a matter of internally changing the way you look at your situation.


The people living with a sense of enthusiasm and joy everyday I believe make this consious decision for themselves. It really is a choice of the individual to live in this manner. Just as it is a choice for an individual to live in sorrow, or fear. Is it easier to live in sorrow and fear in this society? Yes. It is easier because it seems like the more comfortable choice. It takes a lot more out of a person to bring enthusiasm and joy to the table, especially in these current times we live in. I believe everyone has this ability to shift their focus on what they truly want to bring about in their lives. So although living a life filled with enthusiasm and joy may sound very appealing to many people, the reality is that if you really wanted to be at this level, you would have to make the conscious choice to do so. It all begins with your choice.

“Joy comes from using your potential.”
-Will Schultz


If you want to start living with enthusiasm and joy and have all these positive experiences come your way, you certainly can! It’s all a choice. Nobody can take this away from you. You were given this power, all you really need to do is start utilizing this power on a daily basis. Seek out things that empower you, and make you feel good! As you seek out these things, begin to focus on the joy it brings you and stay on that course.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson



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