Letting Go of Fear

14 May


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Hello all.
Fear is something that stops people from attaining their life’s purpose. A lot of times we say we want certain things in life, but most people let fear stop them. This fear comes from the feeling that these people have to hold on to things that don’t serve them any longer. I can honestly say that the reason people have fear in following their life’s purpose is because they lack belief. The more fearful someone is when following their life purpose, the less belief they have in what is possible.

“It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong.”
-Abraham Lincoln

I can remember in 2004 I attended a Personal Development-Wealth seminar at the Los Angeles Convention Center, one of the guest speakers was C.E.O of Def Jam-Entrepreneur, Russel Simmons. One of the things I remember very vividly was when Russel said, “When starting out on any goal, you have to have a belief in the unseen.” I remember thinking to myself at that time having no idea how I was going to ever reach my goals, but I did at that moment develop a belief of the unseen. There was this inner feeling inside that knew what I wanted to become.

At that time, I didn’t necessarily see what I wanted to become, but there was a feeling that can be described as an inner fire that was lit in the pit of my stomach. The feeling was not like any other feeling I’ve had experienced at that point. This feeling has propelled everything I’ve created thus far with Baker The Brand. This feeling is what continues to push me beyond my limitations and helps let go of any fears I may have.

Many people lack belief that if they change now, they will lose what they think they already have. Letting go of your old ways of doing things and thought patterns is a major step. What if you let go of your old ways and you are alone, trying to figure it all out?
You are never really alone. The best decision you can possibly make in your life is to let go of old fears. These fears that hold you back are just an illusion anyway.
One of my favorite acronyms for the word fear is: F.E.A.R=False Evidence Appearing Real.

Don’t worry so much what you will lose when you let go of your fear, but focus on what you will gain as a result of letting go of your fear. Is there anything stopping you? Fear can come in the form of keeping negative people around you, or not following up on a project because you think you will be heavily criticized. The longer you allow these fears stick around you, the longer it takes you to become the person you know you really are. Begin now to focus on what you do really want for yourself, and gradually let go of things that don’t serve you well. Let go of the fear that is stopping you, and develop a faith in the unseen.


One Response to “Letting Go of Fear”

  1. Christina Luna May 20, 2009 at 5:02 pm #

    Hey there! Thanks for the blog comment. I hope all is well. Great post! Ultimately yes, in all that we do being “fearless” will take us to places unexpected. =)

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