The Optimistic View

6 May

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Hello all.
When someone recently asked me how I’m gaining much success through my blogs and my personal brand, I told them “I am gaining success because it looks different from up here.”

The reason it looks different up here is because way before I started my brand I began to approach my life project from the “optimistic view.”
The optimistic view is seeing the bigger picture. The bigger picture is like being on top of a mountain and seeing everything that is going on. Although the view may be a bit blurry, it still is a point of view that few ever see, because they are too rigid in the how and why of everything. The optimistic view gives you the opportunity to expand your horizons and grow consciously.

“For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else”
-Winston Churchill

I used to dwell on the little things in life, and fight battles on the ground. But when I started to think differently and developed the habit of being optimistic, my view of the world began to change. The reason it began to change is because it was like I put on a new set of lenses. These lenses became the optimistic view. When you have the optimistic view you attract positive experiences because that is what you expect to experience. Many people may doubt this, but taking positive action on this new way of seeing the world is the only real evidence you will need to see that it works, thus being highly effective.

By having an optimistic view you really don’t worry about how things get done, it already is seen as done, and works from that place. When you work from a place of what you seek to accomplish as already being completed, you will see that any worthwhile achievement really starts from within you not from without. This means that your vision of where you want to be is already a reality inside of you and the action steps emerge naturally because of this.

Many people try too hard to externalize their goals. They feel that they have to go out and grab something that will bring meaning to their lives. Having external goals is important, but not the end all be all. The truth is that there is nothing outside of you that you really need to feel fulfilled. The mind just likes to make up things that matter. When in reality the only things that matter are what you believe to matter.

Being fulfilled starts and ends with what’s inside of you. This is what I began to recognize with the optimistic view. The optimistic view doesn’t see lack, because ones soul is already filled with abundance. When you come from abundance you attract this. This may be hard for people to understand, but this is how it has worked, and continues to work for me.

“Happiness is not a matter of events, it depends upon the tides of the mind.”
-Alice Meynell

I start from optimism and I end with optimism. This is something I don’t have to go out and reach for, it’s already inside me. The optimistic view is like putting on a new set of lenses, being on top of a mountain and allowing positive experiences to unfold for you.



One Response to “The Optimistic View”

  1. Cash Gifting Practice May 6, 2009 at 3:37 am #

    Optimistic people will receive more to be optimistic about. When you expect good things more good things will come to you.

    Thanks for sharing your tremendous insight.


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