The Childlike Approach To Beyond Success

19 Apr

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Hello all.
Children have an amazing approach to life. This approach to life is most noted when they are playful. Children are very immersed in the present moment while playing. Using this childlike approach in your creative work as an adult is what will bring the most joy and will yield to beyond succesful results. The reason this is true, is simply that there is tremendous power in the present moment. When all the static noise is blocked out of view, and you are in state of presence, you will see how amazing this energy truly is.

“A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong.”
-Thomas S. Szasz

When you combine the playful childlike approach to the present moment in your creative work, you will begin to see that this flow eventually will lead you to beyond succesful results. Although beyond succesful results are guaranteed, the real juice comes from the amount of fun that is involved during the actual act in the present moment.

Spend time with children and watch how they play. There is laughter, joy, and bliss. Notice also when the child is playing in the present moment, the child will block out external noise. They know intuitively know that if they listen to the outside noise, they will be disrupted in their play. This playful energy when used for yourself allows you to create and inspire others to dream big and manifest beyond success in the present moment.



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