The Power of Choice

11 Mar

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Hello all.
The wonderful things I have grown to love about life is the power of choice. When everything is broken down to it’s essence and a decision needs to be made, realize that your choice and freewill is one of the most amazing gifts you have as a human being. Being able to say yes or no to something is an amazing gift, because it keeps you from being a victim to circumstance, and rather a victor.

“Character is the sum and total of a person’s choices.”
-P. B. Fitzwater

The choice you made from reading this blog post today was a great choice, because these words are what I chose to inspire and empower countless people like yourself. When I made this conscious choice, I was filled with joy and amazing energy. This is why I know that as you read these words, you are getting the best wisdom that you will ever find in the world of personal development.

The choice of living a beyond successful life is ultimately yours. There are still people that point blame on others for not being able to reach their goals. There are millions of excuses why they can’t do something. But understand that these same people made a choice somewhere in the past to point blame, and become a victim of their circumstance rather than a victor. In order to be victorious and achieve beyond success, you have to be willing to make the choice and see the benefits of what living this type of lifestyle truly entails.

A beyond successful lifestyle is a “choice” because it is not something that everyone is living. If everyone was doing it, it would be easy. The choice to live a life that is beyond success is a full commitment to oneself. This is not something you look at one day and say, “Yes ideally that would be nice to go beyond success, but I can’t do that right now.” This is a commitment to say yes to what you want to be, do, and have in life, and saying NO to what you do not want to be, do, and have in life.
This is the power of choice.



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