What The World Is Begining To Understand & The Upside of The Economic Collapse

7 Mar

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Hello all.
The world is beginning to understand many valuable things in these current economic times. When we start to look at all the real life devastation that is happening in the current economy, we start to understand that there is a major upside to this. The upside of the current economic collapse is that we have a shot at regaining our freedom back. This freedom is the same freedom, that was taken away once we depended on our egos and dependent on ideas like the idea of “security.”

“The average man does not want to be free. He simply wants to be safe.”
-H. L. Mencken

The moment someone says something is “secure,” the more they are lying to you because the truth is, there is no such thing as “security” In life you are either moving toward freedom or illusion. Illusion is in trying hard to find security. The truth is that change is the only thing that is constant. The world is constantly changing in these times, “appearing” secure is not the best thing to do right now. It’s better in these times to not know what to do, but focus on freedom, then appear to know what to do and copy what everyone else is doing and cling to security. There are many types of security that are an illusion. Job security is one good example, of an illusion. Job security is an illusion that was an idea that was bought up by the masses that agreed to trust their ego mind. When you begin to trust your ego mind you will fade of in directions that mainstream America has sold you into. This is why what the world is beginning to understand is that job-security really is job-insecurity. If you think about this, when did being secure have to do with hating what you did everyday, being told how much you are getting paid, what time to eat, and answering to a boss that you probably don’t even agree with? That sounds like insecurity to me. The more secure you think you are, the less freedom you actually have. The more you chase after this false sense of security the more freedom you are loosing. After many years of study I have found that you can find truth in freedom. In security you will find a bunch of bent up misleading information.

What the world is really beginning to understand, aside from jobs and career, is that there is only very little that really matters in the world. When you are connected to your inner being and operating at a vibrational level that is truly you, the concepts above don’t really matter much. When you operate out of your real self, not what some boss told you to operate out of, you have a great chance at freedom. By freedom I am talking about freedom of time, money, creativity, thought, speech, resources etc. The concepts that begin to matter when you operate from this higher level, then become about things like the value you are providing to people, or how much are you contributing to society. The upside of the economic collapse is that when it’s all said and done one thing is for sure. As a collective consiousness we will all learn a valuable lesson. This lesson will come in come in many different forms. The lesson of focusing on freedom instead of security will be a major lesson learned.

“Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be.”
-James Baldwin

For me personally, the way I’m approaching what is ahead is by continually focusing on building my own personal development so I can assist and guide others, in their own personal development. I am constantly learning, growing, and expanding my mind everyday. I do this because I am focused on freedom. My life mission surpasses what mainstream society tries desperately to put me in. God will lead me. The idea of inspiring and empowering countless individuals is not some distant fantasy that I thought of one day and will leave alone, this is my life mission. When people begin to realize the real wisdom that is passed on these blogs, you will wake up to the reality that I live in. This is the reality of Being free.
What the world is beginning to understand that freedom is closer than they may think. They need to change their old way of thinking to change their lives. The upside of the Economic collapse is that it presents you with the time to do so now.



One Response to “What The World Is Begining To Understand & The Upside of The Economic Collapse”

  1. Ronan Harrington March 25, 2009 at 9:26 pm #

    You are truly amazing and have been an absolute inspiration in my life. We need to talk. God is on the move.

    Live the Fourth,


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