How To Enjoy Your Day.

16 Feb

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Hello all.
Enjoying your day is easy once you realize that you can create it to be enjoyable. First, you must acknowledge and accept the fact that you can have an enjoyable day. When you recognize that you deserve an enjoyable day, the next steps become a lot more smoother. When you intend on enjoying your day, you will begin to look for things and events that allow your day to be enjoyable. There are many people living on default. This means that many people become robots to what they do on a regular basis. Many people feel that life just happens to them, and go through the motions. This can change with practice.

If you wake up in the morning and literally intend to enjoy your day, and focus on enjoyment, there is a great chance that things that come up during the day will be enjoyable. This is because you are seeking it out. Even when something really bad happens during the day, the way you deal with that circumstance might even be better this time around because your intentions were to see the good in the situation.

Enjoying your day needs to be concluded with a nice reward for yourself. When you have completed the day, by focusing on enjoying your day, do something really good for yourself such as buying a small scoop of your favorite ice cream or something you consider rewarding. When you reward yourself for enjoying your day, you will be training your mind to continue to have more enjoyable days ahead. Enjoy the process of enjoying your day and habitually practice rewarding yourself. This is positive reinforcement at it’s finest.

I suggest to look for the enjoyment in the small things. When you start to notice the little things in life that you may find enjoyable, these are generally the best things to focus on. Regardless if people find what you do boring or strange, continue to do it, if it is what you want, and is enjoyable for you.
For example, I really like going to the bookstore and reading books. I may or may not purchase a book. However, this is very enjoyable for me. Some people don’t like reading books. But I do it because it brings me joy. It’s a small thing, that I know makes a big difference in my life.

The combination of intending to enjoy your day at the start of the day, and rewarding yourself with something you like for accomplishing enjoying your day actually creates more enjoyable days for you in the future, and makes life a lot more fun. This is what it means to live an abundant lifestyle. There is so much good to go around for you once you realize that you can train yourself to accept it.
Once you get in a nice flow of intending, accepting, and rewarding yourself for creating enjoyable days for yourself, more enjoyable days are certain to come to you.

I hope you enjoyed this post.



2 Responses to “How To Enjoy Your Day.”

  1. kimbundance February 17, 2009 at 7:12 am #

    nice picture and entry, i intend to enjoy my days to come.


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