Baker Predictions for the Year 2020

13 Feb


Hello all.
There is a major shift in consiousness that is taking place at this moment. This means that at this moment there are many people on this planet that are awakening to new ideas of being and living. People are beginning to reject the old ways of structured conditioning thinking that keeps them and others suffering. The ideas of working hard for systems or corporations that they don’t believe in and feel are right, are beginning to break down, and loose face. These individuals are slowly starting to realize that working for what they don’t like is not the only option, and there are creative ways to do what they love and witness life as a walking dream of goodness and joy in abundance. These individuals are starting to create from their hearts and moving closer to unity with one another, in joy and community. This will continue to happen and will really be present by the year 2020. By the year 2020 there will be a new age in human consiousness. This means that many people by this year will be fully present and enjoy life more in unity with each other.

This will happen because of the 2nd Great depression that will take place in the United States. There will be major tragic events financially that will cause people to awaken to this new age in human consiousness. The old ways and systems of capitalism will unveil their truth, and crumble to the ground, as quickly as it rose. The ideas of the ego mind will be a thing of the past, and will be looked at with utter disgust, and many will wonder ” I can’t believe I used to think like that!” The 2nd Great Depression will lead to the the New Age in Human Consciousness.

The new age of human consiousness is taking place, some people are feeling it and some are fighting hard with their ego minds to resist it. Those that resist it will drown in the destruction they created for themselves, and the karmic forces that are supposed to happen to them will take place.
Those that are at the leading edge of this human consciousness are the ones that will allow this new found energy to manifest within themselves, and will prosper financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. From someone looking at the bigger scope, the events that take place prior to this shift in consiousness truly being in effect, will appear sad and devastating. The loss of jobs at historical rates, and people loosing homes at staggering all time highs, people loosing money, will actually be what is necessary for this new age in human consciousness to take place properly. People don’t know what they have until it is gone. They will humble themselves with the idea that relationship with self and others is all that mattered. When you loose everything you ever owned what is left? Your soul must be in the right place in order to receive the goodness that life has always offered. The idea of surrendering must take place for the new age in human consciousness to manifest itself naturally.

The new age in human consciousnesses will be where the lightworkers that people have labeled as crazy, misunderstood, odd, will shine and prosper if they choose to use talents for greater good for all. These are the lightworkers know what time it is, they will be the leaders and “way-showers” in this new age in human consiousness. There are many intuitive types in the world that understand and acknowledge this shift in consiousness, but have not had the powerful influence over people to effectively communicate this vision to be taken seriously. I am the pioneer in this movement, because I was given the gift of vision and also the gift to articulate and effectively communicate what they and I see as the new age in human consciousness.

Baker Prediction for the year 2020
1. The U.S dollar will be worthless. Silver and Gold will be the new currency.
2. The “middle class” in America won’t exist there will only be a Rich and Poor Class.
3. Corporate America will slowly diminish and eventually cease to exist.
3. People who worked hard for Corporate America will be jobless, and have the choice to either be apart of the new age of human consiousness or struggle immensely in search of things that won’t matter at this point.
4. Creators, entrepreneurs, builders, artists, musicians, writers, designers, channelers, painters, and poets that create from their heart and operate from light and truth will shine and have their work appreciated and respected more so in 2020 more than anytime in history.
5. The idea of “positive energy” will be mainstream and easily understood and felt by the majority.
6. Competition among individuals will be lessened, and cooperation heightened.



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