Baker The Brand Updates.

11 Feb


Hello all.
Baker The Brand is currently going through some highly creative and exciting changes. I have 2 other major blogs that I’m working on along with this one. Baker Blog-Beyond Success will be the mother site, and the other two blogs the son and daughter, of Baker Blog-Beyond Success.

2009 has been such a great year so far creatively, and I look forward to continue to post great blogs here that offer positive value to my readers. Support my other blogs as well as they come along, and emerge as inspirational blogs that will make a positive impact on the world.

1. Baker’s Wealth– This blog will talk about the future state of the U.S economy and why now, more than anytime in history is where wealth will begin to build for those prepared to do so. I have studied under some of the greatest wealth gurus in the form of books, seminars, and audio Cd’s these gurus include: Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump, and the list continues. This blog will focus on the current global economy, investing, and the proper mindset to attracting long term wealth. Baker’s Wealth Blog will be geared towards the opportunity seekers that are interested in growing their wealth during these difficult financial times. Baker’s Wealth Blog will be the brother blog. Baker’s Wealth Blogs found here:

2. Baker’s Wisdom– This blog will be more of an empowering and inspiring blog that urges people to following their dreams. The concept of this blog was founded and created on the belief that you can be, do, and have what you want in life. I will also express my vision for the future of the new age in human consiousness, that is currently taking place, and will be in place steadily, by the year 2013. Baker’s Wisdom Blog will be the Sister blog. Baker’s Wisdom Blogs Found Here:

3. Baker’s Blog-Beyond Success– This blog is where it all started. This will be the blog where I post the same great inspiration and also updates and exciting things to come for Baker The Brand.

Also Please check out my Youtube videos. Baker The Brand is moving towards a more mature yet fun, inspirational personal development style of doing videos.

Rest assured Baker has many fun, inspiring and highly exciting things coming along. 🙂

I appreciate each person coming through to the bakery! Blessings in Abundance.



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