What Would Happen if the Majority of the People in the World Didn’t Do What They Loved?

9 Feb


Hello all.
Imagine a world where the majority of people didn’t do what they loved. What a minute, that is real in some parts of the U.S. Hmm. Okay, you don’t have to imagine it, it is already happening. Why are people worried about things that they can’t control anyway? Why is there still hate and bickering among people? Why is it when I speak of positive thinking, people still are skeptical about it, and allow their negative thoughts to talk them out of the good positive things in life? The reasons for these circumstances occurring is many fold. But the one reason that I want to point out is that, many people fall victim to these negative behaviors because they aren’t in alignment with who they really are. They slipped and allowed media and or government to control their way of life, and way of being. We live in a free society, but I wonder if the rules of this society cater to someone at the top to make all the money? When people wake up to the idea that they treat one another harshly because they are conditioned to do so, then we begin to wake up to the reality that we create our own future with our thoughts and actions. When you do what you don’t like repeatedly, you will live in a world that bounces back that same dissatisfaction into your life. What will happen is that you create more suffering for yourself and the other people around you. If enough people do this, you will begin to see a very twisted and hateful world.

When you do the opposite and do what you love, a world opens up to you that is more clearer, fulfilling, welcoming, and loving. So look around you, are a majority of people doing what they really are supposed to in this life? If they aren’t doing so, then do you think that has an effect on the people closest to them ?

What if the opposite happened? Would that just be too idealistic? Or is this something we can actually be hopeful for and make strides to becoming?
What would happen if the majority of the people in the world did what they loved?
I feel we are coming into awareness of a collective consiousness awakening to ideas that were once rejected and feared. The idea of positive energy and consious living will begin to be mainstream and widely accepted in the near future. These ideas are not idealistic, this is the reality that I live in. These ideas for a better society begins with you. Don’t just do what you love, but “BE” what you love.



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