Attracting V.S Chasing Desires.

9 Feb


Hello all.
Do you attract or chase after what you want? Either way, if you do both the correct way you will get what you desire. I personally don’t chase after my desires. I consider myself a very determined and ambitious individual, but I attract rather than chase. You put yourself at the mercy of what you are trying to get when you are chasing. However when you are attracting things you are dominate to your desires, you place yourself in a better position to receive your desire. When you are attracting you have a detached quality to how you go about things. When you are in alignment with the right kind of detachment you have the attitude that if you get what you desire then great, if you don’t, that’s fine too. It’s a passive quality that puts you at the dominate position that allows things to come instead of you having to try and chase it. Attracting things to you is more natural and allows you to “be” instead of “do.” When you are truly being you, you tend to attract your desires instead of chasing your desires. Sure, there are things you will go after with a gusto, but the majority of good things and experiences are what you draw towards you sometimes effortlessly.
It’s really a matter of belief. When your belief is at a high level, it is much easier to attract than chase. So I recommend this for people that are operating at this high level of energy.
You will feel the difference between chasing and attracting, when you step into this awareness.



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