How Amazing Life Is.

7 Feb


Hello all.

Life is amazing. You get to decide what you want to experience at every moment. When you begin to operate out of the “amazing lenses,” wonderful opportunities emerge. When you take on the lenses of the amazing, amazing is what you will touch, feel, taste, hear, and attract. There is nothing in this world that is less than amazing. When I wake up in the morning I jump out of my bed, because I want to experience the amazing joys that life has to offer.
Look at all the amazing things that have happened in your life thus far. Focus on operating at that energy level.
Even when you are going though challenges and obstacles, the amazing life is still there, just not recognized. It’s amazing that we get to breathe this amazing air, and be here to see just how amazing this life is.
Our thoughts carry an energy with it. What we focus on expands.


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One Response to “How Amazing Life Is.”

  1. dream_weaver February 9, 2009 at 2:37 am #

    That. -was amazing. lol I love your outlook and I hope that this inspires someone who reads it. If amazing is what one wants, it’s not a far reach. Paradise is in your mind and in right in front of us. goodnight!

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