Why Doing What You Love, doesn’t Pay You money Right Away.

5 Feb

money stacks

Hello all.
Doing what you love doesn’t pay you money right away. The reason that doing what you love doesn’t make money quickly is because you have to prove to the universe that you really love what you do.
When you do it for the love, instead of the money you begin to see that this is the natural process, in attaining your goal. Many people have worked on their crafts for long periods of time, only to see a big payday years later. When people give up on what they love because it doesn’t pay much, that’s a signal to the universe of a lack of commitment on your dreams. When you focus on your dreams and do what you love no matter what the obstacle, not only will the money begin to come, but you will understand the process was highly enjoyable. You have to prove that you would do nothing rather than follow your dreams, and when you are at the right time it will come. But the best part isn’t making the money, it was actually in the experience you’ve gone through. There is a lot of trust on your part that you will make it happen. That trust you have for yourself, will reflect in the way you handle your business.

A cup of Determination mixed with a scoop of patience are the key ingredients to this recipe of attaining money from doing what you love.



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