At Your Own Pace, There Is No Race.

27 Jan


Hello all.
When you go about your projects at your own pace, you realize there is no race.
Some individuals like to take their time and thoroughly think things through and this is where they feel most comfortable. Some individuals are more effective when they rush through things, and move fast. The interesting thing about being in the pursuit of your goals, is that the more you stay at your own pace, fast or slow, the better it feels, and the results seem much better at the end.

However, I want to remind my readers that the “process” alone is where the success and juice of life resides. When you are focused on the present moment, fully aware of your action steps you are operating at your own pace, you begin to realize that there really is no “race.” One step at a time is all it takes to stay at your comfortable pace.
When you happily and steadily go about your projects you will find an inner sense of accomplishment as you are moving along. The end result is minimized, and the present moment becomes maximized.
There is nothing wrong with thinking you are racing against someone or trying to beat someone, but the reality is that you set the pace. Enjoy the race, be comfortable with it, after all, it was what you created.

At Your Own Pace, There is No Race.



One Response to “At Your Own Pace, There Is No Race.”

  1. Octamom January 28, 2009 at 4:16 am #

    Great thoughts–and certainly applicable in such a wide variety of ways, from my running training to our schooling to the therapy we do for two of our kids–thanks for the inspiration!


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