Why Beyond Success Isn’t Average Success.

23 Jan

Photo From: blogs.suntimes.com

Hello all.
Beyond success in not Average Success. Average success involves the idea of success as something that is a means to an end. Average success is a goal and or destination that needs to be met. Average success is what most people have in mind as the only way, and the right way. Receiving the prize at the end of the tunnel is average success. There is nothing wrong with average success. The house, the car, the money, these are all amazing and have it’s place. I have personal goals I am working towards achieving. However, when you come around to Baker Blog, understand that beyond success goes further than the old ways of average success.

Average success is just that. Average. Nothing wrong with it, but the idea of chasing something that everyone wants doesn’t seem that appealing to me. That’s the main reason I continue to post on here, and continue to grow and learn as an individual on my own path, thus helping countless others.

Beyond Success is learning and growing form all your experiences and is measured by the happiness and quality of your life. Whereas average success is defined by the physical things you’ve accumulated, beyond success can be simply measured by how closely you are in alignment with your life’s mission. This is the truth as I’ve come to understand it.

Beyond success is not better or worse than average success, it’s just a different way of living.



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