Why Focusing On What Is Going Good, Propels You To Beyond Success.

9 Jan


Photo Courtesy: Kimbundance

Hello all.
Focusing on your success and the good things that have occurred up to this point in your life is essential for propelling you towards beyond success. When you sit down and write down the good things that have occurred, you feel the energy of all the things going good, you take on a new energy. This is the energy that we must work from in order to get the ball rolling. What did you successfully do today, it can be small or large. Congratulate yourself, be grateful for experiencing it and move from there.
What you focus on expands. This is essential to anything you undertake.
Your creations become a reflection of the energy and intention you put into it.

That’s why my creations are so amazing. My energy and intention are coming from a positive, amazing place. This is a choice I consciously have to make. I am a Magician along with being a Baker.

I’m a “Magiker”



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