Where People Will Flock in 2009 & How The Truth Will Always Prevail.

7 Jan


Photo Courtesy: http://i139.photobucket.com/

Hello all.
By the end of 2009 I predict many people will flock to bookstores and libraries at record numbers. Many people being jobless and laid off will be searching for some kind of truth. The bookstores and libraries offer some kind of relief to the individual that gets laid off of work.

People will also be flocking in record numbers onto sites such as Youtube and blogs written by real people, (such as this one) in search for truth and clarity. Towards the later part of 2009 Beyond Success Baker Blog will continue to be a great success because it always comes from a place of truth, and the truth will always prevail. It is the people that come on here that will make this the success, because these blogs are a reflection of their hopes and dreams. The creative people that begin to follow their dreams, will keep creating positive value to other people, and enjoy a life of inner peace and abundance.

However, the ones that refuse this will be more angry and frustrated than ever, and will resist truth by giving into temptations to do wrong, and drown in the darkness they created for themselves. I see this path as the cause of many addictions taking place such as an obsession with sex, drugs, negative thought patterns, and alcohol. This will create karma that will need to be re-paid either in this lifetime or the next.

2009 is a crucial year as we prepare for the shift in consiousness that is scheduled for 2012.

The Truth Will Always Prevail.

Light and Gratitude,


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