2009 Your Year

7 Jan

Photo Courtesy: Kimbundance

I write about truth and what people need to hear.
Some despise what’s real because It brings them face to face with their fear.

But they read this because it’s not falling on a deaf ear.
I’m about to take this blog to the next gear.
2009 is our Year.

2009 Some on the grind
some become the grind.
This will be the year you may find.
That your dreams are attainable and you create your reality with your mind.

Let’s look forward no time to rewind.
2009 yes, on my grind.

Have no fear Baker is Here.
2009 is your Year.

Think about whats going good for you thus far.
Put up something creative even if its not up to “par.”
Wish on a star.
Remember who you really are.

2009 you will go far.



One Response to “2009 Your Year”

  1. D a r i n a January 13, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    Same and more back to you Baker, Magiker!

    May this BE the year where I turns into WE and where we ALL collectively and individually reach for our dreams and achieve our heART’s desires by inspiring and helping each other all along! Thanks for your genuine and heartfelt blog and BEing!

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