Why People That Constantly Quit, Have Strong Opinions On Things.

5 Jan


Soil For The Mind.

Hello all.
The worst advice to take is from people that constantly quit. These are generally the people that have very strong opinions on things. The reason the people that quit have hardcore and strong opinions on things, is because they are acting out of scarcity and fear. The moment someone acts out of scarcity or fear, there opinions seem much stronger than those that are acting out of hope and belief.
The reason for this is because someone who operates out of scarcity and fear is someone operating out of their ego. The ego never wins. It is always trying hard to reach something that “others” believe is right. The ego always needs to be right, and will fight very hard to have “it’s” way. However, operating out of hope and belief is egoless. Being egoless means that your spirit or soul is guiding you, and doesn’t create hardcore opinions on things, because your spirit and soul comes from love.

I have talked to many winners and a few losers in life. I have had the privilege of seeing both sides of the fence. The losers are the people that constantly quit. Quitters operate out of scarcity and fear. For example they are afraid that what they are doing for a living is not what they thought it would be. This fear brings them closer to quitting. Part of the reason is because they took advice from someone that also quit on their dreams. Since they took this advice they are now living a life that someone else designed for them. It’s an endless cycle and takes only one brave soul to break the chain. I intend to be that brave soul. There is no better time in history than now to start following your dreams. (I am currently working on a book that will explain the new age in human consiousness. This new age in human consiousness belongs to the people that are naturally following their dreams because of the energy shift that will take place in our world in the year 2012 and beyond).

Don’t justify your dream to make people happy, follow your dreams and have people justify you for following your dreams.

Following your dreams makes you the real you, not what others think you should be. This is precious.



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