Remembering The Past To Be Prepared for The Future.

2 Jan


Hello all.

The past year 2008 was great. I learned a lot of new things, and opportunities and creativity flowed in abundance. I am truly grateful for the relationships and connections that were built in this past year. As we emerge in this new year, I intend to continue to grow and learn and provide positive lasting value to my readers. My intuition has guided me to exactly where I am at now, and looking back at all the great memories of the past, I feel this is a nice place to be. It was just about a little over a year ago, that I decided to write my first blog, I remember being so terrified, trying so hard to make it perfect. But as I tell everyone, my first 6 months blogging, I literally received zero hits on a consistent basis.

The past was filled with such great memories that I truly feel grateful for being able to experience along with other great people. This propels me to a highly optimistic 2009 filled with adventure and many learning to be done, and many lives to inspire and enrich.

Remember the past to be prepared for the Future.



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