The Truth About The Current U.S Economy & People You Need to Google.

14 Dec


Hello all.
As most of you probably are very aware of, the U.S economy is going through some very rough times. There are many questions that arise out of these uncertain financial times. I intend that by introducing to you some of these individuals, that you get a clearer understanding of the current U.S economy. Below is a list of people that I highly recommend you read up on, and watch. The following people are similar in their views on the current and future outlook of the U.S economy.

Here are a few people that I believe speak the truth about the Current U.S Economy and also the future of the U.S economy.

Google their name along with: “current economy”
1. Gerald Celente
2. Robert Kiyosaki
3. Peter D. Schiff
4. Ron Paul
5. Jim Rogers

On Youtube





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