Why The Future Belongs To The Right Brain Thinker.

9 Dec


The Right Brain Thinker

Hello All.
I was never that great in traditional school. Academically, I was just never “with it.” Most of the time I averaged a grade of C on most of my classes in college. Never once was I ashamed of this. I knew deep down that, (if we wanted) the C students of today would take over. Just look at my past blogs and see all the grammatical errors! lol.
The future belongs to the Right Brain Thinker.

Right brain thinkers are simply people that dominantly operate out of a place of intuition, creativity, and vision. These consist of the artist, entrepreneur, creator, musician, inventor, and many more.

I will be graduating college this weekend. I can honestly say the main thing that I learned in college is the need for people who studied a lot of traditional school stuff(mainly professors) constant need to feel important. Although this is not always the case, this is what I noticed. I feel it gives professors such a great ego trip to see happy smiling students pay them money to listen to them speak about (in most cases) ideas that are now obsolete, and useless. Granted, there were professors that were really inspiring and opened my eyes to great innovative ideas, and wisdom. But this was rare. I ran into more professors that lived inside their heads and judged you by how well you did things (usually one way) and the way they wanted.

Which leads me to…

I can’t stand having “titles”. I always hated titles and categories. I am not any better or worse than you.
Our left brain loves to analyze and put their ideas in categories. To function in the world, this definitely has it’s place. The problem is when we start putting and labeling people in categories. (Kind of like what I was doing earlier separating left brain and right brain people gggrrr! please excuse me).

My point is that I have seen people rise and fall because they fell in love with their title. This is human nature, and a result of letting what others say about us becoming us. This is dangerous.

The right brained people of the world are taking over
. Individuals who are apart of this new age of human consiousness are having secret meetings that hardcore right brain people can’t even begin to comprehend. These secret meetings are coming in the form of blogs, Youtube videos, and many other social networks on the internet. For example, I consider it a secret meeting when I’m watching a Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) Youtube video, because I feel that the guest speakers are speaking directly to me and I can write down the information being presented, and share it with others.
In other words I don’t physically have to be at the conference to be at innovative and inspiring meetings such as these. I can sit back and learn from the greatest minds on my laptop!

There are people currently, building multi-billion dollar business with a simple innovative great idea, passion, and or service, and making their wildest dreams a reality. However, I believe the positive value that is being sent out to the the consumers is where the real fulfillment is being measured in today’s society. The information age is alive and kicking! Are you apart of this?

Personal Branding
People are branding. They are branding themselves, and are realizing the mind-blowing potential that lies within their souls, and sharing it to the world on a large scale. They are looking internally for answers. They are shining from what is inside their spirit, and allowing others to see this light from within, and putting people in awe. And quite frankly, getting paid in large sums of money for “being themselves.”

This idea is a hard concept to grasp for some people. But this is happening. Be a part of this with me. It’s exciting, fun, and totally worth your time and your energy. Let’s provide great positive value to people, and expand ourselves creatively and joyfully! Magic appears when we embrace our true selves and strategically and intentionally create the lives we choose to live, and in return inspiring other individuals to do the same.

Creating endless possibilities,



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