What do you "DO" for a living?

2 Dec


Hello All.

You don’t ask a tree what it does for a living. You never say, “Hey tree what do you do?” The tree will just stay there and just be a tree.
Or you don’t ask the ocean water “Why do you flow ocean water?” The water will just keep flowing, it will just be.
You never ask a dog, “Dog, why do you bark?” The dog will just Keep barking.

Humans are not any different than nature. So when someone asks me what I do for a living, I kinda smirk and say I’m Baker. I do what I do. But more importantly, I am what I am.

Then they say. Okay, that’s all great and insightful, so what do you really do though?
What is your title? What is your Day Job? What is your profession? What is your career?
How do you earn money to sustain a living?
How do you get from point A to B?

At that point I usually escape the conversation, because if they don’t understand the first part they aren’t understanding that my first answer already surpasses the what, why, and how.

So people want to know what I “do” ? What I physically do? To that I say to everyone:

What we “do” is secondary, who we “are” is primary.

Wrap your head around that one. I’ll give you 5 years to get it.


I’m either a “genius”, or “really crazy.”
I’d like to think the latter, hahaha.

But for those that insist on what I “DO” the list is below.
Just don’t let the titles get in the way of my point though.

Founder and C.E.O Baker The Brand
Founder and C.E.O Baker Ware Clothing
Author: Beyond Success-Baker Blog
Coldwell Banker Realtor
Real Estate Investor

A lot ?
No, I just do me. Are you doing you?
More importantly are you “being” you?

+ Baker


3 Responses to “What do you "DO" for a living?”

  1. +kelly December 3, 2008 at 7:37 am #

    Another good meaningful post! It’s funny how I avoid answering questions like WHAT DO YOU DO? I sometimes smile and say nothing. Or if I do, I say “Anything you think I am into!”

  2. beyondsuccess December 3, 2008 at 7:34 pm #

    @ +Kelly. Wow! I like that. “Anything You think I am into!” I’ll use that next time.


  3. Juliet December 6, 2008 at 3:40 am #

    Hi Baker… am lingering on your posts today 🙂 the last time I visited your blog was “the box topic”

    Well, I’m a very transparent person, you will know me and my family by just reading my posts. I don’t go in for surprises. My enemies knows me, where I stand and what are my position in every issue.

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