Baker Podcast 1- The Importance of Having A Vision.

28 Nov

Hello all.

Below is an audio-video that I completed. Here I talk about the importance of having a vision.
This audio-video is just the beginning of what I can do, I feel the world is ready for what I have to bring right now. Just give it time, I will fly high. My deep fear of not expressing my passion for a beyond success life is so strong that I am literally forced into positive continuous action. The sound quality of this audio-video is poor, but you know I will definitely be making it better as time progresses. What I’m very much in awe of is how Baker The Brand is emerging and taking a life of it’s own, opening up several ways for me to passionately express my creativity and inspire and enrich the lives of people. As I inspire and enrich others my life is deeply enriched. This I know to be true.

Enjoy this video!



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