Watching A Movie is Highly Unproductive.

23 Nov


Hello all.

Watching a movie is a highly unproductive.

Ever since I can remember I hated watching movies. Movies don’t do anything for me. They don’t inspire me, motivate me, nothing. I am wise enough to know that the people in the movies are just acting a role, the music in the background is just music someone felt was appropriate, the way the film is shot is just the way a director wanted it. There is nothing about watching movies that makes you more of a better person. Watching a movie is a complete waste of time.

To be honest, I remember just trying to fit in. So in my honest attempts of just trying to fit in I would pretend like I really cared about the next new movie coming out, and say I can’t wait to see this movie, I “hear’ it’s really good.

But honestly I didn’t really care if Spiderman still had the right amount of Web string in his wrist for him to kill the enemy in Spiderman 2.

Watching movies is a waste of time because the people that watch the movies have bought into something that just makes the characters in the movies appear more better than they really are. People watch movies because they need a break from their boring lives.

What if your life wasn’t boring? What if what you did for a living was so fun that watching a movie became boring?

The last movie I watched was “A stroke of Genius” This is the movie about how an inventor created a new way of making windshield wipers automatically. This movie was a good movie, but all it made me want to do was create something better than what the character in the movie was creating. Throughout the entire movie, you see the main character hustle and work hard at creating something of value for society(Automatic window-wipers). You see him work endlessly. He is fierce, and determined, he faces many obstacles in his way. I was like I don’t need to sit here in this movie theater for 2 hours watching a guy work hard. I do that for a living!
Complete waste of time? Yes.

The Movie Industry and the whole phenomena of famous actors and actresses started becoming real popular during the Great Depression. They became popular because the real life events taking place during that time were really bad. These people needed an escape from reality, so they fell in love with the stars that took them away from reality for an hour or two.

The reason I say watching a movie is highly unproductive especially at this day in age, is because I feel we are going to go through the 2nd Great Depression in the U.S. I wouldn’t doubt that history will repeat itself, and people will continue to flood the movie theaters as a way to escape. This is not what we need at time in history. We need more people to get lost in their creativity, innovations, and passions. This allows for a more productive use of time, and will keep the spirits up. I noticed when I’m typing on here, it is a sense of escape for me. I hope people awake to these realities and get out of the movie theaters, and into their own creations.



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