10 steps ahead of the game.

23 Nov


10 steps ahead of the game.
Chose to be different, Uncomfortable with being the same.

10 steps ahead.
Baby steps took me there.

10 steps cus’ I Dream in color and my visions become real.
Hungry for life every meal is my last meal.

10 steps ahead.
I do what I said.

10 steps ahead I apply what I learn.
I hustle for a living so don’t hate me for what I earn.

10 steps ahead.
I will do what they say can’t ever be done.

10 steps ahead.
I make hard work look like fun.

10 steps ahead.
Cus’ if anyone says they are 11 or more steps ahead, Beyond Success is what they read.

10 steps ahead cus’ I take care of my inner circle.
If you see me, ask me why I resonate with the color purple.

10 steps ahead.
I know we are all connected and you can tap into this power I possess.

10 steps ahead.
I’m way Too Blessed to be stressed.


In life you are either the fan or the player in the game. Fans are wishy-washy they change colors all the time, they cheer for you when you are up, and when your down they boo you. Fans are easily influenced by what the majority of people are thinking. Let me give you an example in professional Sports. Why is it when the Los Angeles Lakers are winning games everyone all of a sudden wants to watch the Lakers? When they begin loosing what happens to the amount of people watching their games?

How is this principal any different than how people are in real life situations?

Players in the game stay focused regardless of what is happening on the “outside.” They don’t get phased by what the fans think, they just do the best job they know how, and stay in the game. Players in the game are performing at their highest levels because that’s what they do. Players in the game have goals, and they don’t care if their goals go against the majority.

Are you a fan? Or a player in the game?


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