Stay Focused.

14 Nov

Staying Focused on your goals is a major key to living a life of beyond success.
When Things seem hard, that’s when your focus and conviction with what you are doing needs to step up. I have had many times where I feel like giving up on certain things I pursue. But the focus was always there. The focus allowed me to get positive results most of the time.

There are no shortcuts.

I was trying to look for a great quote to complement this topic of focus, but couldn’t find one. So I’ll just give you something from me.

“Stay focused.”

Yes. Simple, short, sweet and to the point.


P.s not one of my best posts, but I am just in that state right now and needed to express it.


One Response to “Stay Focused.”

  1. habitdoc May 14, 2009 at 7:17 pm #

    I couldn’t agree more about the value of staying focused. However, the mind and the world don’t always make it easy to stay focused. A clinical psychologist, I invented a simple pager-like electronic device called a MotivAider – – that enables users to automatically stay focused on virtually anything they choose. The MotivAider is designed to correct for the mind’s unfortunate tendency to be easily distracted from what matters most.

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