Sir Baker Video

11 Nov

Hello All.

I have been making videos with my highly creative, way-out-the box brother for several years. Me and my amazing brother would randomly tape videos on the spot just for fun. There was no real structure to the videos, and never had any intentions of people actually watching it except for the both of us, and maybe some close friends and family.

Putting the pieces together and editing and organizing the video-skits is the hard work. However, actually shooting the videos and acting were really easy and very enjoyable for us.

With that said, we do have plenty of videos that are going through post-production and will have them up in the future. We are certain that these videos will do something positive for you, and potentially allow for your natural creativity to abundantly flow in your life.

A Day in A Life of Sir Baker:

Stayed tuned for More P-Black and Baker Comedy-Skits!



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