What Chuck E. Cheese’s taught me about Life.

11 Nov


I went to my nieces 6th birthday a few weeks ago. Her birthday party was held at Chuck E. Cheese.

Chuck E. Cheese taught me about how life works.

So many kids running around with tokens in their hands, having fun. There were a group of kids playing games just for the sake of playing it and having an exciting rush, some games gave you 2 tickets for free just for attempting to play.

There were other kids the (older ones) usually that were playing trying to strictly win tickets. The more tickets they won the bigger the price they get to exchange it for.

I think ones life is run like that. You have people working hard strictly for the tickets (money) and end up loosing the fun of just playing. When the sole purpose was for the end result, I think you rob yourself of the fun of it all. Yes you get the big prize at the end, but probably didn’t have as much fun as the kid that was playing just for fun.

Then there are the lucky ones, the ones that stick to one game they are really good at and have so much fun at the particular game, that the tickets just keep rolling out in abundance. That was me. lol
Basketball anyone?

And that’s what I want for my life having fun with it, being highly skilled and the money just rolls in more naturally and in unlimited quantities. Sure I’ll play different games here and there, but the enthusiasm comes from one particular game, wherein the journey mattered more than the outcome.



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