Andrew Carnagie Goal Setting.

11 Sep

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Andrew Carnegie
Born November 25, 1835(1835-11-25)
Dunfermline, Scotland
Died August 11, 1919 (aged 83)
Shadow Brook
Lenox, Massachusetts, United States
Cause of death Bronchial pneumonia
Occupation Businessman and Philanthropist
Net worth $298.3 billion in 2007 dollars, according to Wealthy historical figures 2008, based on information from Forbes – February 2008.
Spouse(s) Louise Whitfield
Children Margaret Carnegie Miller

Andrew Carnegie (properly pronounced /kɑrˈneɪgi/, but commonly /ˈkɑrnɨgi/ or /kɑrˈnɛgi/)[1] (November 25, 1835August 11, 1919) was a Scottish-born American industrialist, businessman, and a major philanthropist. He was an immigrant as a child with his parents. He built Pittsburgh‘s Carnegie Steel Company, which was later merged with Elbert H. Gary‘s Federal Steel Company and several smaller companies to create U.S. Steel. With the fortune he made from business, he turned to philanthropy and interests in education, founding the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

It is reported that Andrew Carnagie did something in particular that led to his great success. Every single night before he slept at night, he did this very simple habit. What he did was so simple yet so powerful. This little technique is not used by many people. As a matter of fact this is a big secret. So what you are about to hear may very well be something that can change your life forever. He kept a notebook close to him, and everynight before going to sleep he would write down 6 things he needed to accomplish the next day. As he wrote these 6 things that he needed to accomplish, he visualized and felt as though they were already accomplished. As he slept the unconscious mind would figure out the best way to accomplish his goals. This is how the unconsiouss mind works. The unconscious mind (while we are asleep) gives us clues and suggestions to the best route to take while going after goals (during the day).The next day he would work on accomplishing his goals. Before the day end he made sure the 6 things were accomplished.

My friend Emilee told me about this habit that Andrew Carnagie did every single night, and I have been using it for about 1 year now. This technique has given me many positive results, and has motivated me to push forward and stick to my goals. This technique leads to achievement.

I’d like to close with what Andrew Carnagie one of the richest men that ever lived in this world, has to say about money and wealth. Here is what he wrote about his beliefs and thoughts about money and wealth:

“Man does not live by bread alone. I have known millionaires starving for lack of the nutriment which alone can sustain all that is human in man, and I know workmen, and many so-called poor men, who revel in luxuries beyond the power of those millionaires to reach. It is the mind that makes the body rich. There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else. Money can only be the useful drudge of things immeasurably higher than itself. Exalted beyond this, as it sometimes is, it remains Caliban still and still plays the beast. My aspirations take a higher flight. Mine be it to have contributed to the enlightenment and the joys of the mind, to the things of the spirit, to all that tends to bring into the lives of the toilers of Pittsburgh sweetness and light. I hold this the noblest possible use of wealth.”

With Gratitude,


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