When Leaders Step Up.

10 Sep

Photo Courtesy Moneybags

(Purple energy will be the energy that expands the consciousness, starting the Revolution)

The U.S economy is not looking so good. The U.S economy is headed for another great depression. That’s why I am here, to bring hope and an optimistic outlook in the midst of great disaster and collapse. Real Leaders are not afraid of what is going to happen next, they prepare and empower others to see the silver lining in the midst of the chaos.

For my readers that don’t believe that the U.S is in for a total economic collapse, Start researching this issue. Study people like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers and Robert Kiyosaki, great men who have been predicting this U.S economic collapse for a long time. This is not the time to panic, this is the time to be informed, learn, and prepare. This is the time when real Leaders step up.

I know what is ahead for the U.S economy, and it’s not good. But listen, I know that with a strong faith in God we will get through this, as a matter of fact this is a great time to be more in touch with one’s spirituality. These are the times we grow together as a collective consciousness and come together and win together. When everyone is worried and fearful of what is next, my faith and beliefs become stronger. I am not afraid of what is up, I am actually excited and ready for the opportunity and the good that will come out of this as more and more people begin to learn what life is really all about. These are the times when consciousness shifts in an upward expansion and people start to witness the amazing joys in life. Keep the faith. Your consciousness is expanding.

This is when real Leaders Step Up.



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