Action and Dreams

19 May

Your dream is

your direction,

Your motivation

your inspiration.

Decide on a

dream today,

Nothing will inspire you

in quite the same way.

Choose a dream

do it now,

When you have a dream

you have go power.

Great things


To people who

make them happen.

When you have a dream

your on a roll,

Because your working

towards a goal.

When you have a dream

you are Rich,

Without a dream

people perish.

Onto your dream

forever hold,

And you’ll walk on

a carpet of gold.

Nothing comes from

doing nothing,

We are never more happy

Than when we are doing something.

What you can dream

you can do,

There is always

more in you.

He who dares wins

he who dares nothing,

Need not hope

for anything.

Ideas are worthless

without action,

Don’t procrastinate

be a man of action.

Whatever you want to do

begin it now,

Action has a

magic power .

What’s the motto of

a billionaire,

He who has begun

is halfway there.

There’s something special

here for you ,

At Beyond Success dreams

Really do come true.

-Unknown Author


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