14 May

I am excited for the future, it seems very bright and clear. I am excited for the goals that I will achieve and the positive impact I will have on many individuals. Achieving beyond success and the final goal keeps me pushing and working hard to assure it’s fruition and manifestation.

But it all starts with gratitude. Gratitude and being grateful for my current circumstance is what keeps me in state of appreciation and joy. Many have asked me why do good things keep coming my way? To that I say, I stay thankful and appreciate the little things in life. I am grateful for where I am now financially, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. This place I am in now, this present moment that I speak of is so rich and abundant and I am humbled and glad to be in it. I am honored to walk the same walk with great individuals that have had a positive influence in my life thus far.

Being thankful for the meals I eat, the bed I sleep on, the car I drive. All wonderful things. I am in allignment with that which serves me therefore that which serves me keeps coming, bringing great experiences and positive things.

With that said, challenges and obstacles are not pushed to the side. I face them head on with an appreciation for them coming because eventually given enough time I will push forward and progress. So  what many call challenges and problems, I call opportunities and I am grateful for them. The opportunities help me learn and grow. The oppurtunites are there to test my level of consciousness, to see if I really am what I have intended. This is what makes life so amazing, is that you can be grateful for what others see as challenges and truly embark on a journey beyond success.

This is growth and evolution in the making.

I intend that people are grateful and appreciate the little and big things that come there way. Stay in a state of gratitude and more good will come to you. I am certain of this.

+Baker Cake performs best when more is at stake.


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